Granite Countertops Markham – Solutions Set in Stone

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Home ownership is a source of immense pride for many individuals and as such, great care is usually invested in its upkeep, appearance, and maintenance. There are many ways to modernize the home, from fresh paint, to new décor, the installation of windows or even an addition to the structure itself. However these options are either wildly expensive or likely to become stale in a few years' time, leaving the renovator with regret and frustration. Perhaps one of the most plausible and reliable solutions is the installation of granite countertops in your home.
Granite Countertops in Markham Offer a Long-Term Solution
These days style can change so quickly that after only a few years of a new room colour or new accent pieces, the times will dictate that these are no longer in fashion. While certain elements for countertops such as wood have remain consistently used over the years, they often require replacement several times during the life of a home, and are susceptible to water and temperature damage. A slip of a knife or a wayward pot or pan can easily leave scratches and dents which are undesirable. When choosing to upgrade an existing kitchen or bathroom granite countertops are a top choice for a multitude of reasons.
  1. Durability – Granite is a natural stone pulled from the earth in enormous slabs and is one of the strongest natural substances in the world. It easily rebuffs most kinds of accidental mishaps and has the strength to withstand extreme temperatures such as a hot cooking dish or cold delicacy without suffering adverse effects. In fact granite stands up so well to the test of life experiences and time that it is not unusual for it to still be in pristine condition long after other areas of the home require upkeep.
  2. Beauty – Granite countertops not only offer longevity, but also a unique beauty. As this stone occurs naturally it has varied patterns in each piece complemented by ribbons and veins of colour which ensure that each counter is a one-of-a-kind artwork. Natural crystals within the stone brilliantly refract sunlight into sparkling beams and taking a few minutes about once a year to add a granite polish will ensure that your countertops look like new for decades to come.
  3. Ease-of-care – Granite requires virtually no maintenance after installation. Cleaning requires little more than regular soap and water, or a natural green cleaning spray found at any local grocery or department store. As this stone is non-porous, meaning it is waterproof, there is no concern of liquid seeping underneath to cause future problems. This is especially important to those who have certain allergies or who must live in a sterile environment due to health concerns. It can withstand a great deal of pressure and abuse making it an ideal selection for a room that sees such heavy traffic.
Consult with a qualified natural stone expert today and get started on an investment that will pay out dividends for decades to come, and which will likely outlast you!